Program No. 2 - Code: JO-WIN


Purpose of this Program

a) The purpose of this program is to help job holders to improve their strengths adding the Spanish language to their qualifications, and be promoted to bilingual positions to support their employers to expand their business and profitability penetrating the Hispanic market in the US and abroad.

b) Also, this program helps job seekers to qualify for such positions where speaking Spanish is critical to take care of Hispanic clients-customers-consumers-patients. 

c) This program offers unique designed and or customized lessons to match and or to fulfill the Spanish speaking needs for any job level at any business or industry type and any Hispanic culture.

Type of Lessons Available

ONE-ON-ONE lessons for people living in Palm Beach County, Florida. These lessons are available at your home address or at any Panera Bread, Starbucks or Barnes & Noble location.


REMOTE/ONLINE lessons for people living in the United States and abroad. Easy access to your lessons connecting  to my "Zoom Classroom" with a code. Note: These are real time face-to-face lessons

Booking and Payment

BOOKING: Click on "Booking" at the menu bar to see your tutor availability in a calendar, then book your lesson(s) at your convenience.

PAYMENT: Go to "Payment" at the menu bar to see payment options, then proceed to make the payment choosing the payment plan of your preference. Note: Advance payment is required to confirm your booking. You will get an automatic e-receipt upon your payment is done, then your tutor will contact you to confirm day and time of your first lesson. The price per hour is $35 USD, you will qualify for a discount if you pay for more than one class at the time.

SUPPORT: If you need support to book your lesson(s) and or to make your payment(s) please send a text message to Jandré at (954) 864-6182 and or an email to