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Precious Green

- Beginner Level -

Precious Green has shown exceptional performance since she began taking remote lessons on March 1, 2020.

Approved by:

Bilingual Education Assistance

"Grade: A+ 90-100 Excellent" 

Precious Green - Student of the



BILINGUAL Education Assistance

Make this yours. Apply for "Bilingual Skills Educational Assistance". Ask your employer for support to apply for this financial assistance.

LinguaJOD will provide you with all documents needed, as transcripts of your grades, and certificates of completion, to get the reimbursement of the money you pay for your Spanish classes to LinguaJOD, so this assistance will allow you to take more than one Spanish class in a week with your tutor Jandré and have you money back.

VOCABULARY needed for work
Business Woman Smiling

Your tutor Jandré will teach you specific vocabulary in Spanish to fulfill your needs at work. This is the benefit of learning Spanish with a purpose, so be smart saving time and money choosing Jandré as your Spanish tutor, and LinguaJOD as your Spanish learning method.

LIFE SCENARIO Conversation
Mexican Fiesta

Learn Spanish with a purpose based on conversations related to life scenarios linked to your purpose; for instance, to have fun with your friends, to go shopping, to talk to your hispanic in-laws, etc. This "life scenario learning method" will help you to connect with different hispanic cultures and to discover a new world, so what you are waiting for, book your first class with Jandré now.  

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